Updating kitchen cupboards

02-Oct-2017 14:50

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What a great transformation to layer a few colorful pieces to freshen up the outdated kitchen. At the first glance you may assume the changing was high-end and expensive. I love that they replaced the cabinet facing and replacing of wood counter tops which gives a worm and rustic look fitting the tiles very much.

But when you check out the two pictures carefully your jaw will drop. The ugly outdated kitchen now is pretty stylish with the minimal remodeling. The family updated their 60s cinder block kitchen to a rustic modern reveal.

And check out how to upgrade and transform an outdated kitchen to give it a really new modern looking. This is one of the most beautiful kitchen transformations I have seen! You can see here how paint and talent can completely transform an old fashioned kitchen with oak cabinets to a gorgeous modern looking room with minimal effort and expense. The householder painted the lower cabinets blue and the upper cabinets white, changed upper cabinet facing with glasses and shelves.

And the little addition of the dark wood island against the blue and white brings a bit of warmth and richness.

But can you believe the backsplash is paint, not tile. That blue color looks so good with the natural color on the counters! For complete collection of remodeling kitchen on budget images and tips. I love everything about this kitchen, the sink, the chalkboard door, the flooring, the industrial kitchen island and chairs, the open shelving, and that blue tile backsplashes.

The splash of blue cheers the space up to feature a vivid look.

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Love the bold color pallet, black beauty gives weight and accents, the strong contrast of green pops the whole space up and the wood color infuses a warm and inviting feel. The family completed the renovation with repainting the wall yellow and the cabinet white. The island was a breeze to assemble and really high quality and very sturdy. It’s crazy what a difference a bit color scheme change can make, isn’t it?Swapping out a basic grade white door to a painted black French style makes the pantry feel more inviting. In this kitchen remodeling you’ll see how an 100-year-old farmhouse kitchen turned to a modern stylish space. Great kitchen redo on a budget- before’s and after’s !

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