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23-Oct-2017 17:58

Eventually, the Code Red group said, one might use the app to support impoverished women around the world, perhaps partnering with a nonprofit such as Sustainable Health Enterprises, which helps local women in developing countries “jump-start their own businesses to manufacture and distribute affordable, quality, and eco-friendly sanitary pads.” To generate support for their plan, the group met today with Gina Helfrich, director of the Harvard College Women’s Center, to make their pitch.

In an email, Helfrich called the tampon app a “very clever” one that “seems to meet a unique need for women.” “This morning we brainstormed together about ways to help them find someone to actually do the coding of the app — I’m hopeful that some of the connections they will make with other women around Harvard will bear fruit,” Helfrich said. When the Code Red Team recently put out a message on an academic list-serve requesting software developers to help with the app, one male reader noted “this is pretty weird.” The response: “What’s weird exactly? Or that women might want to help those in an embarrassing situation?

For 18-year-old Olenka Polak, the eureka moment came in a Harvard bathroom.

Probably the first "Rock and Roll Tampon Drive," the show takes on many roles as it kicks off Women's History Month.

There are discussions underway about partnering with a feminine hygiene company; the women have done some initial market research and discovered that while tampon makers are keen to gain a footing in social media, their sites are fairly obscure, with relatively low traffic.