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People adjust their appearances for different occasions. ” This is a technology Brahnam calls smart embodiment.It all starts with building an algorithm, a training set and a testing set.“We now live in a world of lots of data – huge stock piles of data.Our brains have not evolved in a big data environment.The different conclusions are then averaged for a final decision.The story of the blind men and the elephant illustrates the value of this approach.As you ask a hologram in an airport for directions, chat with a bot on a computer, or even ask Siri for your schedule, there’s no denying technology is changing the world. Brahnam, a professor of computer information systems at Missouri State University, has multiple interests in the field of technology. Brahnam is at the forefront of some of these developments.

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It’s made out of stone.” Another person touches the tail and says, “No, it’s fluffy.

Infants at Mercy hospital were photographed while they were experiencing a number of benign nonpain stressors and an acute pain stimulus (the heel lance needed for the state-mandated blood exam). You can’t tell because they cry all the time,” joked Brahnam.

Furrowed brows and certain mouth or eye shapes can be tell-tale signs, but this system helps to identify pain even if nurses are busy or face blind.

One of her many research projects was to develop the machine learning algorithm called the Infant Classification of Pain Expressions.

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ICOPE was designed to recognize distressed facial expressions in neonatal babies, and it was the first of its kind.

We can’t handle lots of different data and this is where machines can be very good.” While processing lots of big data isn’t a human’s forte, Brahnam noted that we are more capable of distinguishing patterns than machines, especially in noisy environments, “because we have this evolutionary history behind us.” Infants and toddlers, she explained, find recognizable patterns, shapes and letters even in a cluster of clutter.