Row cannot be located for updating vba

20-Dec-2017 17:34

The other Slicer Cache object will be removed from the collection. Has Data Next Next End Sub maybe someone can help me? I have been searching everywhere for a way to link my slicers that do not share a cache with no success until now! This explains why you cannot go back by unchecking all but one Pivottable in that dialog: all joined slicers will now be changed by changing the checked Pivottable(s) on any of them. I modified the code provided to work with three slicers that have different caches. Name = "Sheet1" Then mb No Events = True With Slicer Caches("Slicer1") For Each o Sl In .

row cannot be located for updating vba-50

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My pivots are made with powerpivot, I'm not sure if that makes a difference. Dim mb No Events As Boolean Private Sub Workbook_Sheet Pivot Table Update(By Val Sh As Object, By Val Target As Pivot Table) Dim o Sl As Slicer Item If mb No Events Then Exit Sub 'IN case a slicer item in slicer 1 is not present in slicer 2 On Error Resume Next Application. Slicer Items If Slicer Caches("Slicer_ww_network_manager4").

This is like other people above because I have information from more than one data source. Name = "WWNI dashboard" Then mb No Events = True With Slicer Caches("ww_network_manager 3") For Each o Sl In .