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30-Jan-2018 23:08

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Partners in the Last Year“Overall, women report an average of six sex partners in their lifetimes; men, 20.

But a better gauge of sexual activity for most people is the median, the midpoint between the high and low: Women report a median of three sex partners; men, a median of eight.

They generally prefer to circulate among women rather than settle down.

The promiscuous system allows very attractive men to avoid commitment and be continually available for sex.

In the monogamous marriage system of the past, the majority of men and women found mates and got married.

In that system, singles knew roughly where they were ranked in overall attractiveness and married a mate of roughly equal rank as soon as they could, usually by their early 20’s.

This belies the notion that a large majority of males has zero access to sex.I felt the need to understand exactly what the data says, if anything, in support of the Pareto Principle as it applies to the distributution of sex. Or, as in Hollenhund’s version, is it just a question of the frequency of sex, even with one partner?