Libra woman dating cancer man

24-Sep-2017 13:42

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If you have feelings for a Libra, you will need to be patient, romantic, and prepared to treat him or her to the finer things in life.

A man born under the sign of Scorpio is ruled by his genitals. Basically he is determined by his desires, and to quench it, he takes on any challenge. It is easy to understand why people are attracted to him like steel filings to a magnet. He seems to have so much energy that he is glowing. However, for a woman it can be dangerous to come too close to a Scorpio man. He should carry a sign reading: “Warning: High Voltage! A love affair with him can result in maximum heights of passion or in corruption.

Barriers do not exist for him, and he does not tolerate prudery. During foreplay he knows no squeamishness, maybe his partner ends up with some bruises. To him, she is one instrument more to satisfy his lust for power.

Each gathering will provide the highest level of bliss. Women who want to be dominated, like that very much. He revels in the idea, that there are women who secretly would love to be sexually assaulted and physically overwhelmed. Maybe he finds a match who consents to his primal fantasies. In most cases, the woman is done before him, because his raw sexual energies seems to be limitless.

In any conflict, he is an enemy from whom men must take heed. Who has to do with a Scorpio must be prepared to make extraordinary efforts to keep the peace. This is because his personality has a hidden, secret side.

Compassion is not for the Scorpio, nor is compromise. He is dynamic and overbearing, but very loyal to his friends.

One should never hope that a simple affair with him would become a permanent liaison, he has sovereign control over his feelings.

That’s why I recommend you read Anna Kovach’s Scorpio Man Secrets and gain a completely new outlook on your Scorpio man.

Anna offers a lot of tips and tricks especially for your communication with him, because that is where the magic happens.

He tends to waste his energy in pleasure, acts heads over heels and often becomes addicted to alcohol or drugs. Even more, he has an unusual ability to focus, a very lively imagination, paired with great courage and initiative. He goes after his problems with lightning speed, whereupon he beats them off his head.

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But after all, he will have it much more easy than others to overcome addiction, because he usually has tremendous willpower and determination. Sometimes the problem then is not completely solved yet. He expects his partner to fully submit to his needs.Domineering and aware of his power to subjugate women, his passion can seduce him to brutality. He is here to hunt, the challenge to win a woman is what he is intrested in. In the end, there is a reward: she can expect to get more in bed, than she had expected.