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22-Jan-2018 03:19

That’s the equivalent of being plopped down on Yale’s campus when the freshmen arrive and knowing everyone’s political views, and four years later seeing who became couples, comparing that to what we knew about them before they became a couple, and determining which characteristics explain who ended up being a couple. The online data provided evidence that at the earliest stage of dating, people are looking for potential partners who are like them politically.Even when you account for a lot of other characteristics on which people choose dating partners, people seem to be more likely to reach out to people who have a shared political orientation.The second study analyzed data from an existing online dating site. The second study is in some ways the more novel of the two.

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We analyzed data from about 143,000 men and nearly 120,000 women. It’s really rich data that wasn’t possible in a large scale in prior research.Men want to date women younger than them and women want to date men older than they are. What role does geography play in choosing dating partners?Our online dating research shows that a lot of sorting depends on where you live and whether the available partner market is relatively restricted.The researchers found evidence that people are more inclined to seek dating partners who have similar political characteristics as them but that other factors, such as religion or race, are more significant in determining relationships than political similarity.

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Huber, a resident fellow of the Institution for Social and Policy Studies and the Center for the Study of American Politics, recently spoke to Yale News about his work. Your article covers two studies, the first of which was based on a survey experiment. In the first study we took real photos and profiles from online dating sites and randomly manipulated the religion and politics expressed in those profiles.The advantage of this is that people are not just answering a survey question but investing their scarce energy in trying to find dates.

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