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In 1976 she and Brindamour had their own child, a boy they named Binti, and began to raise him under the fronds of Camp Leakey with baby orangutans for playmates.Galdikas's earliest brush with fame came in 1975, when she wrote a cover story about her work for National Geographic. (One academic review called it "monumental.") By the end of the decade, Galdikas had become the toast of conservation circles, her work featured in television documentaries and soon in another National Geographic cover story.Other celebrities faced skydiving into the jungle or face the wretched wreck challenge. Twenty-seven years ago a young Canadian woman went to Borneo seeking a sort of paradise, a place where she could study the mysterious red ape, gather science, garner respect and fame.

Jennie, although said she wasn’t scared of heights — was worried because she didn’t have great balance.

Get Me Out Of Here as he prepared to enter the jungle.

He was greeted by the two hosts as they welcomed this year's ten celebrities — including Bury-based actress Jennie Mc Alpine — at a luxury Gold Coast villa.

And for a time, Biruté Galdikas found it, claiming a place alongside Fossey and Goodall in the triad of great primatologists.

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But her Eden has since been fouled, and the story at the heart of that adulteration — a tale unfolding still — might have sprung from Conrad's pen, save one detail: This story's true.

Leakey, who had tapped her to come to Borneo to learn what she could about the great red apes in the hope of shedding light on man's distant ancestors.