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Out he came again, his cockhead smashing into my big nuts as he tried to find my gaping shitter again.

His aim improved with the next stab and his sword went right back into the sheath.

I only get out to Seattle once in a while on business.

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I reached back and started slapping his hairy ass, making him plow into me even more vigorously.He had turned me every which way but loose that night.And when we'd finally gone to 'sleep, his thick cock was still crammed up into me. I groaned as he reached around and started playing with my thick nipples, pulling down hard on 'em and rubbing his hairy chest across my shoulders.Then he got real still and just lay there, breathing raggedly--short, hot bursts of air against my neck. "Now it's your turn, buddy." He reached down between my outspread legs and started jacking my meat, pulling on it real slow, his fingers massaging it from pubes to tip.

When he got to the top, he tugged on my foreskin, stretching it up over the swollen head, pinching it hard."I see you're still wearing your present," he chuckled when he'd traced my cum tube back down to my asshole, tickling it with his fingers. He put it on as soon as I came through the front door, first slipping my fat balls into the loop, then threading my limp dick through as well.

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