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22-Aug-2017 00:04

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I’m a hard working single mother and I can’t believe that this how is. 0 is a lot to me and hey gave me 5 mins of I’m sorry mame there is nothing we can do we are not responsible .They made me feel like it was my fault they dropped package off at the wrong address .This lead to a larger service offering than just express shipping.In 2000, the company acquired Tower Group International.I work at a California State Facility, as I am a state worker.Fed Ex comes daily to drop off and pick p packages, so I felt it would be the safest way to send it via Fed Ex.

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So, sorry, sorry, sorry EBay, sorry Lilly, sorry, sorry and sorry anyone else who uses Fedex as their carrier, when I see that a package I HAVE PAID FOR!!!!!!If that’s the case every head package can just be dumped on the side of the road if they don’t want to walk a flight of stairs like my package was to be deliver because it was heavy!Reply The following is an email sent to Fedex CEO Fred Smith.Apple sent me a pre-paid label with an empty box to ship it to them to receive my replacement device.

I placed my Apple I phone 7 plus in the box that Apple sent to me, correctly packaged and sealed per the instructions.

After 48 hours and inquires to their driver they listed it as a lost package .