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She feels empty and insecure; she is trying to solve all of her problems through a relationship. In any event, what was once exciting soon becomes repulsive and the man will go into unrepentant dumping mode. He has to have something he can claim as his realm, his edge, what makes him superior.

If the woman makes more money, has a better position, and is better educated, he will feel emasculated.

Last, but certainly not least, he will go into passive, sleep mode, withdrawing from the relationship, giving less and less of himself, until something bad happens. Stretched out over several weeks, sometimes years, passive resistance is the dumping strategy of choice for many men.

In any event, he will almost never reveal the real reason for the breakup and it will be almost impossible to worm it out of him or figure it out later on your own.

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If these thoughts gain a certain momentum, a breaking point is reached and a man goes into dumping mode. He will justify the breakup to the woman in question by blaming himself - it is a bad time in his life, he is not ready for a relationship, it's his problem, his fault, on and on.For once a man goes into dumping mode, there is generally no turning back and little you can do to stop it. Fantasy requires some mental space, some distance from the object of fantasy.In the beginning, a man does not know the woman so well, so he can imagine all kinds of possible delights.In this instance, the man will rarely be honest with himself.

He will find some other reason to justify a breakup.On the other hand, it might be the woman who finds that the man is not what she had thought. Unless he’s a masochist, sooner or later the man will dump such a woman.