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These are actual buildings dating from 1875 to 1935 and moved to this site by the Missouri Valley Historical Society for preservation. The western view from this site looks over great expanses of Missouri and Heart River bottomland and the opposing river bluffs.

They offer our visitors a feel for the atmosphere of the Missouri River Valley during the turn of the last century. From this point 225 years ago, a person could see four or five Mandan earthlodge villages, homes to 6,000 or 7,000 people.

Andrew Aldridge, of Henry Aldridge and Son of Devizes, Wilts, which is selling the photos, said: 'This is a fascinating archive which catalogues one of the decisive moments of the war'.

Above, a Navy ship searches for its prey 'And nobody mentions the deck hands who had to bring the planes up from the hangars - they did something special.

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Located on the east bank of the Missouri River in Sertoma Park, North Dakota’s largest zoo is home to over 600 reptiles, birds and mammals. Missouri River Road Trip description: Overlooking the Missouri River, this site contains the ruins of a large Mandan Indian earthlodge village inhabited from 1500 to 1780.

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History comes to life at historic Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park.

Take a trip to 1875 and the home of General George and Libbie Custer on Cavalry Square, where their staff still entertains guests with stories of Libbie, the General and the time they spent in Dakota Territory.

This idea is the cornerstone of all of the efforts of our organization.

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