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19-Nov-2017 00:28

This has caused me a huge amount of sadness and anxiety over the years.

I feel sad for the photograph that gets pushed to the back of the display cabinet, the guitar that doesn’t get played anymore, or the once loved camera that has now been displaced by a newer one.

I’m not totally convinced that what I experience is Synaesthesia, and I have not heard a satisfactory explanation of why it happens to me.

A clinical psychologist did tell me once, that it was something to do with OCD and autism but could not elaborate any further.

Roughly 85% of those who were least disabled had worked, compared with just 12% of those most severely disabled.

I would be overwhelmed with sadness for the toy that got left out, or didn’t work properly.

So, like an increasing number of parents with children on the autism spectrum, Ireland and her peers set out to employ them themselves.

Their non-profit Extraordinary Ventures businesses, including one cleaning city buses and another making candles and other gifts, now employs 40 people with developmental disabilities in the Chapel Hill area.

This was a constant source of anxiety and something I did not know how to explain to anyone, till now.

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As I write this, I can actually feel the sadness rising up.

And people with intellectual disabilities were twice as likely to have been employed since high school, the survey found.